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My first cookies

Well, almost. I remember making some give away cookies something like 20 years ago. But that was pretty much it. I don’t know why, but cookies were never my thing. And of course this morning I woke up with just … Continue reading

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Easy cranberries bread

I know I should have been doing something else.  But I was home with Ada having an eye infection and I was feeling uninspired. So as soon as when she fell asleep I did not do any of the dozen of, oh … Continue reading

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Tagliatelle al sugo di manzo

Here I am, food-blogging again. I chose this dish because… well… good pasta meals do not need special reasons. They just are. The inspiration actually came to me from a very gifted Swedish blog writer and cook, Anne, and … Continue reading

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Buongiorno mondo…

This is my very first blog… here. I used to blog on myspace. The reason I started then and I am re-starting now was and is to keep track of my favorite recipes and help me to find my cooking … Continue reading

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