Buongiorno mondo…

This is my very first blog… here. I used to blog on myspace. The reason I started then and I am re-starting now was and is to keep track of my favorite recipes and help me to find my cooking way around. Let’s see where this leads me to this time.

To update myself on this evolving food blooging world I am surfing. And surfing. And surfing. As a result I am finding an amazing lot of beautifully written food blogs, which, as soon as I find out how to, I will fastidiously list one by one in my page to help me to feel “connected”. Oh my, such a long way ahead of me!


About Bread & Companatico

On Bread & Companatico I share my passion for bread and for what someone who knows me well defined as gourmet comfort food. I am indeed a city girl with peasant attitudes, so give me a good slice of crusty rustic bread with some earthy accompaniment anytime and I will be in foodie heaven. If you too had enough of nouvelle cuisine and low carb diet, stick with me. I will guide you to higher levels of bread mania and gourmet comfort food.
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5 Responses to Buongiorno mondo…

  1. ~RED~ says:

    I am glad to see you here, and i hope you do post your recipes, i miss them so much!
    Of course you can use whole wheat flour in the peanut butter brownies. it might give it a little different texture.
    I subscribed to this in my email..

  2. welcome. you are officially my first reader.
    and as you can see I just posted a recipe, I am back!

  3. Pia says:

    Welcome back!!! Oh…you’ll catch up. I can’t wait for your recipes

  4. mealsbysheri says:

    What a great recipe and beautiful photos! I can’t wait to read more! Happy cookin!

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